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If you’re a profitable company, hiring a full-time CISO and Privacy Officer might not be out of your budget, and if so, this article is not meant for you. This is meant for organizations who want to improve their security posture and/or ensure they are in compliance with various privacy laws, but don’t have the time or financial resources currently to hire all of these necessary roles.

Facing ongoing security threats from external as well as internal (think: disgruntled employees or contractors) as well as keeping up with ever expanding and comprehensive privacy laws can be daunting, so you want to hire for these roles as soon as you can – but I will propose here our service which is to consider an agency model approach for your organization instead of hiring a full-time person.

[Consider hiring an agency for your privacy and security needs instead of a privacy officer and CISO]

We’ll work with your leadership team to understand your priorities, and we’ll strategize with you a plan, bringing in experts when and where necessary, and we’ll keep you staffed for regular ongoing maintainance such as privacy impact asssesments, responding to privacy requests, as well as threat and risk assessments, and we can do all of the work for you based on those assesments so you can have the piece of mind you don’t need to hire a new contractor for when each of these issues comes up.

When you have us on retainer, we can also bring in experience when required such as lawyers, incident response handling (for your next data breach), as well as proactive penetration tests so we can hack your systems and correct those vulnerabilities (with your consent) before malicious attackers do.