Keep Your Security Current with The PrivaSec Safe™

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Larger organizations often face larger risks.
Keep your data secure and your privacy protected with the PrivaSec Safe™

As your computer network grows, with more servers and workstations, each link in the chain opens the system up to new risks.

  • What if you have to fire an employee for misconduct?
  • Can the competition spy on your network? Are they doing so already?

Quarterly Scanning and Reporting

The PrivaSec Safe™ level of service takes care of these problems and more, by running extensive privacy and security checks on your whole IT system (up to 255 machines and five servers), 4 times a year.

You receive a detailed report with each quarterly assessment, which features:

  • Identifying machines attached to your network — intentional or not
  • Looking for potentially devastating security breaches, such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS)

Peace of mind with PrivaSec’s one-call security resolution service

If a security breach is found at any time, the PrivaSec Safe™ comes with three business days of dedicated resolution time with our professional security experts.  No need to scramble or pay exorbitant rates – one call to PrivaSec Tech is all it takes.