Privacy Policy

This version is accurate as of April 16th, 2013


We collect standard standard web logs on this webserver.
Try something like User-Agent switcher for Firefox to hide most of this information from us, and other webmasters.
We also collect any form data. If you don’t want us to have this information, do not fill out any forms.
Do note that this form is in plain text, and we also store the data in plain text. Give me a call or encrypt me an email if you want to send me your contact information through a more secure channel.


We only use web log data for our own metrics.
We use your contact information for marketing purposes, such as letting you know when the next free lecture is, or new services.


We don’t share, sell or trade your personal information to anyone.

The date stamp will be at the top of this page, check back for updates if you’re ever concerned something changed. We use personal information only for marketing material, such as to send you the information for our next free video conference. Our shared web server is hosted on American soil, so it is bound by the US PATRIOT ACT.

Privacy Officer:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact Kris Constable via any of the options listed on our contact us page.