Secure Your Startup with the PrivaSec Lock Box

Your customers expect your website to be available 24 hours a day.
Who do you count on to keep it secure?

When your own a small business or a startup, every sale counts. You have a reputation to build and revenue streams to expand. But you also have some valuable assets that need protecting:

  • customer and supplier databases
  • intellectual property
  • financial statements
  • strategic plans

How much would it cost you to lose these and your customers’ trust as well?

Protect your digital valuables with The PrivaSec Lock Box PrivaSecTech’s economical solution to the electronic privacy and security issues most small businesses and startups face.

The PrivaSec Lock Box features:

  • Assessment of your computer system, so you know your strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Report of our findings, with recommendations of how to secure your system
  • One phone-call resolution service a full business day of service is on us should you ever be compromised after following our recommendations.

Keep your site safe from threats, while you concentrate on what’s really important, like your customers.

$99/month (+transaction fee)