Webinar – Password Management

Thursday, January 16th, 2020
11am PT, 2pm ET

Join us for a 30 minute walk through our recommendation for a free, personal use password manager. After this event, you should only have to remember one password ever again.
After the talk, we will open the floor to answer any and all of your questions regarding passwords.
This talk is intended to non-technical business professionals who are sick of having to remember many passwords, or memorizing new strong passwords every few months. It is intended for professionals whose password exposure would be a big risk, this talk is not recommending enterprise password managers.

Our presenter is our Senior Advisor, Kris Constable. Kris has been called a global security expert by the largest company in Canada, and was involved in their password system management, including cracking insecure passwords, which at its peak was over 118,000 people globally.

Kris Constable - Senior Privacy and Security Advisor

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Entropy in password management is important! Picture of scrabble letters