We help you protect your information systems and intellectual property from your competitors, malicious intruders, and disgruntled staff.  We’ll provide awareness to your staff and leadership on how to move towards privacy law compliance based on your jurisdiction and industry through training and evaluation.

  • Training: We train you and your employees in practical privacy law compliance, best practices, and information security, on site or online
  • Privacy policy review: We make sure your information and privacy policies comply with applicable laws and regulations, and ensure they follow best practices
  • Investigations and incident handling: If you experience a security breach, we will confidentially resolve how your incident occurred and help secure your organization moving forward. We’ve been involved in the investigation of many high-profile breaches in the last decade. It’s about 10% more cost effective to plan for a breach in advance, than to clean up the aftermath if unprepared.
  • Assessments: Our services include vulnerability assessments, threat and risk assessments, and privacy impact assessments to your web applications, operating systems and networks.
  • Penetration Testing: We’ll simulate an attack on your systems, analyze the results, and walk you through the steps that stop digital intruders in their tracks.