Tech Tip

Password Managers For 2024

1 minute read

The top two questions we’ve received for the last 15 years are which browser should I use for privacy?, but more common is “Which password manager should I u...

Web Browsing With Privacy

1 minute read

I’ve been updating this blog for well over a decade on privacy centric browser options, so I thought I’d start with my recommendations as we dive into 2024. ...

Sharing Links

less than 1 minute read

When sharing links, there are a handful of issues that may occur. The original news site or blog may have taken the article the down, or they may in the futu...

Is this password manager any good?

2 minute read

I’ve been asked this question countless times over the last couple decades, perhaps because I used to be responsible for cracking weak passwords for a compan...

Secure Communication Tools

less than 1 minute read

I often get asked which secure communication tools I recommend. I’m writing this as a condensed master of list of previous articles I’ve written.

Requesting your personal data from a company

1 minute read

There are now several privacy laws (Canada – PIPEDA/PIPA, EU – GDPR, California – CCPA) that allow individuals to request their personal information.

Two-factor Authentication (2fa)

less than 1 minute read

In this audio clip I talk about the three factors of authentication, and some solutions you can use regarding 2fa to protect your accounts.