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The top two questions we’ve received for the last 15 years are which browser should I use for privacy?, but more common is “Which password manager should I use?” and the answer is the same in 2024 as it was +10 years ago, we recommend you use KeePass 2. If you’re using OSX or Linux, we prefer the KeePassXC client.


We have two criteria in choosing a password manager:

1) The code should be open source. This means that anyone, including you, can look at the software to ensure there are no hidden backdoors in the code, but you can also look for software bugs if you have the skills to do so.

2) You can run the code yourself. You should never be reliant on a corporation to manage your passwords. What happens if that corporation, a huge target for hackers, gets hacked or goes out of business? Likely every single user using that company’s software will have their passwords compromised. By running the code yourself, it would take a hacker compromising you for your password to be compromised.

There is a lot to learn about choosing a good password, and if you want to learn everything you’d ever need to know about choosing a secure password and/or password manager, our senior advisor, Kris Constable, has been running password management classes for years.

The rest of this post is only intended for techies. You may also want to try vaultwarden.

If you want a password manager for your family or team, check out Psono. (Source code)

Finally, if you’re a command-line warrior, give gopass a look.