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I’ve been updating this blog for well over a decade on privacy centric browser options, so I thought I’d start with my recommendations as we dive into 2024. I’ll start by saying at the least, you should be using Mozilla’s Firefox as it’s open source and not run by a privacy violating and/or ad based corporation as the other top 5 web browsers are. One of the main issues with Firefox is called telemetry which I am opposed to, especially with their addition of “pocket”.

One of the benefits of being open source is that the community has been able to take firefox, strip out the telemetry / data collection, and add more privacy centric add-ons.

The result is my recommendation for browser to use in 2024 is … LibreWolf - A custom version of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.


If you’re a techy, you might also want to try out WaterFox and Palemoon, but if you just want the quick answer, install Librewolf.

Of course if you want the ultimate browser in terms of privacy & security, which has a use speed and sometimes convenience trade-off, nothing out there beats tor browser which allows you to protect yourself from almost all against tracking, surveillance, and censorship, but for most of the planet, Librewolf is what you’re looking for.