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When sharing links, there are a handful of issues that may occur. The original news site or blog may have taken the article the down, or they may in the future. The original site may embed privacy trackers (they likely do), or popups, or even worse, malware. As a result, I highly recommend when sharing a link, you first post it in on archive.is - “A time capsule for web pages!”

They will quickly generate you a sharable link that will be available in the future, and they will remove any trackers and javascript from the original website! This may also have the impact of removing any jurisdictional restrictions from the original website, or remove paywall functionality from the original website as well.

Likewise, if someone sends you a news link, you may post it into:

  • 12ft.io - “Remove popups, banners, and ads from any website.”
  • 1ft.io - “Freedom of Information, One Foot Away”
  • smry.ai - “Read any online article and instantly get the summary.”

instead of going direct, so your computer never touches the remote site.