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Most of us use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo daily without taking much time to consider the inherent privacy implications. If you have some time, I recommend you review the privacy policy of startpage and DuckDuckGo as they’re easy to understand and informative about the risks of using search engines, and then for contrast check out Google’s privacy policy. If you’re like me and make your online privacy a priority, the information found in these privacy policies will lead you to want to cease using Google and choose between startpage from ixquick, and DuckDuckGo for your online search needs. Neither of them collect or share your personal information (this is not the case with Google).

While you can use either these pages for search, I recommend you choose one to be your new default search engine once you have a preference. Make sure you choose the https:// (secure) option and not the http:// version!

If you’ve done this correctly, now you can securely and privately search using the URL bar of your browser.

If you know of any other privacy-forward search engines, let me know!