Changes to SimpleTax

Kris Constable

If you’re using SimplexTax and follow this blog because you prioritize on your privacy, you likely want to take the following steps immediately:


Why the changes? SimpleTax was acquired by Weathsimple.
You can see the changes in privacy policy since the acquisition here:

> Absolutely gutted to see [@simpletax]( gobbled up by the surveillance and data economy. > > before [@wealthsimple]( acquisition: <> > > after [@wealthsimple]( acquisition: <> > > One was written with people & principles in mind, the other with profit. > > — Jeff Sagal (@sagalbot) [January 9, 2020](

You can read about the changes to their privacy policy on their blog. What’s not obvious is how this opt-out strategy, which appears to counter privacy laws that require opt-in consent, works exactly. I’ve asked them on Twitter, we’ll see how they respond:

> How does this work exactly? If I login once since your change and don't uncheck "Your tax return", then WealthSimple gets access to all of my previous tax returns? > > — Kris Constable (@cqwww) [January 10, 2020](