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On our contact us page we mention OpenPGP standard encryption (RFC 4880). What is this? Most people think email only goes to the intended recipient, but instead it travels across the internet like a postcard. Even if you’re emailing your neighbour, that email postcard will often cross international boundaries. Once that postcard goes out, you have no control of where it goes, or how long it stays out there.
For those that prefer to send their mail in an envelope, email encryption offers this. There are several solutions available you can use to communicate with us, your business partners, friends and family. They will all likely require GnuPG Open source (free)

  • enigmail Open source, works with Mozilla’s Thunderbird (free)
  • kPGP Open source (free)
  • Seahorse Open source (free)
  • MacPGP Open source for MacOSX (free)
  • PGP Commercial for Windows or MacOSX ($$$)