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Today’s question comes from a former student, asking what I use for a portable password manager:

“Do you have any recommendations for a secure password keeper that is also transportable, perhaps on a secured USB although I’m not real comfortable with the whole “Transportable” thing in general.” – TH

I use Keepass2 for passwords I haven’t yet memorized. I even keep it in a dropbox folder, and that says a lot, as I’m not a fan of putting anything sensitive in the cloud. By having it in Dropbox, I can access it from my mobile, it could also easily fit on a USB stick. Once I know I have the password memorized, I remove it from Keepass2, minimizing the risk in case of compromise.

You can download Keepass here. There are clients for most popular computing devices, including mobile.

Keepass Download

Like most software I recommend for personal use, Keepass is free, and open source.

Now the only password you need to remember is the password to get into your keepass database, make sure the password consists of at least 5 words.