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In order to be effective as possible, we must always be aware of what the biggest problems organizations are having. In our case, regarding your privacy, security, or technology needs.

One of the ways I do this, is by soliciting less than 5 minutes of your time, to ask you a handful of questions regarding your biggest pain points in these areas. For example, if you had to fix improve one thing in your organization today, would you start with privacy law compliance, digital security, or your information and communication technology stack?

Knowing which one of these is the most important alone is really valuable to us, and the next step is understanding why. I’ve created 3 short surveys, if you could fill out the one that resonates with you that is the biggest pain point, I’d really appreciate it. If several of them have a huge pain point for you, please fill each of them out as appropriate.

These forms are using Google forms, so the results are stored by an American company, on American soil. The questions are very high level, so that shouldn’t be a concern, but you have a pressing unmet need you don’t want going to the US, contact Kris directly for a secure local conversation.

The results of your survey will not be shared, they are for internal use only, and will only be read by Kris and his market research team. You can choose to be anonymous, if you’d like, but at the end you can choose if you want me to follow up, or not. If you do want a follow-up, I will follow-up with you, at my cost, to help you identify the pain point or unmet need at its root, and to find you the best solution for that issue.

Now, back to the biggest problems with your privacy, security, or technology. Think for a few minutes on what could be improved, or what you’re nervous about. Once you’ve got something you’d love solved in mind, please check out the appropriate market research assessment survey: