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This is a technology hint for those wanting to know if they’re getting a good deal. You can use this hint no matter what you’re buying. You could be looking at a product in a store, from a friend, or on craigslist.ca, it doesn’t matter. Before you make your next purchase of any product, try this hint. In order to use this hint, you will need an account on ebay.

Once logged into ebay, go to the advanced search option right after the search button:

and once there look for the Completed listings check box. When entering your item to search, make sure the Completed listings box has been checked along with your detailed search.

Any results in green are what that item has sold for on ebay. This gives you an idea of what you’re looking to buy is a reasonable deal or not. Because of the quantity of items sold on ebay, it should give you a good general idea. Don’t forget to include the price on shipping and handling, as well as shipping insurance, if applicable.