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You’ve probably heard of Google analytics, which takes logs of your website visitors, and all of their activities, and provides you some very pretty, and useful, reports. What you might not be aware of is that they are also a tracker service. It means that in order to provide you this information, they also take all of that information on your users, and log it for themselves as well. What do they do with that information? Who can they sell it to? You’ll want to review their privacy policy and terms of service for yourself.

If you want the same useful information, but want it without selling out your clients and customers personally identifiable information (PII), check out Piwik and/or Open Web Analytics. If you’re not a techy, One Day Website will install either of these for you, or you can ask your local tech support to do so for you!

If you want to know what trackers websites are using to track your website surfing habits, and likely selling to any and all bidders who want that information, check out the post on ghostery.