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This is my first Q&A post. If you have a question about anything Privacy, Security or Technology related, contact us on our website or ask as on twitter

Today’s question comes from Jordan_Keats on twitter “Why is there so much fear about Paypal transactions? Why hasn’t it been accepted as a evolution of $?”

Hi Jordan,

I get asked this question fairly often. Also related, “How do I know my inline banking is safe?” and “Would you shop online?”, and I think the answer goes back a lot further than the switch to digital currency. People are resistant to change.

Take a look at the fraud departments of Paypal, and Credit Card companies. They’re are now a well oiled machine when it comes to fraud.

The only thing to remember when doing anything concerning your personal information, including financial transactions, is to make sure in the URL bar at the top of your browser there is always an https:// at the beginning as opposed to an http://, this means the connection between you and the website in question is secure.

You are a lot more likely to have your information compromised on your own computer, or at the other end, than during the transaction. And even if this happens, so what?

I use paypal, shop online, and do all my banking online. Give it a try, you won’t go back.