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All kinds of breaking drama around the compromising of plentyoffish.com (POF), which includes the usernames and passwords for around 30 million people! Chris Russo, a security researcher contacted POF making them aware of the SQL injection exploit he claims to have discovered on their website. Marcus Frind, the founder of POF is [accusing Chris](https://plentyoffish.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/plentyoffish-hacked/) of extortion as well as harassing his wife. Read the full story at [Grumo media](https://grumomedia.com/plenty-of-fish-hacked-chris-russos-explains-how-he-did-it/). What you can do if you’re a plentyoffish.com user: - Change your password immediately. - Start a process of using different passwords for different websites. For example, if you use the same username and password for POF as another popular website, you can consider that account compromised now as well.