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As of writing this, I am one of over 180,000 Canadians that have signed the stop the meter campaign against usage based billing. There are several challenges with usage based billing, the main two to me being the immediate killing of all internet service provider (ISP) competition where very little exists already, as well as the stifling of innovation in the digital media space. Not to mention, internet fees will go up for all of us. You can read TekSavvy’s statement on the issue (this forces them to limit customers who were at 200GB/month limits to only 25GB/month limit!), or the open letter against UBB for more information. There’s also an info-graphic examining some of the costs.

A few minutes ago, Shaw posted their data usage webpage. What’s most worthy of note is there explanation at the bottom of why people often go over their limits:

  • Peer-to-peer file sharing programs, including music and movie downloads

There are also legal reasons for using peer-to-peer, for example, if you’ve ever downloaded Ubuntu GNU/Linux you’ve likely used torrents. Many music and movie sites legally encourage you to use torrents as well. Not to mention the grey market downloads…

  • Viruses

Do you want to be financially punished if you get a virus?

  • Emailing large files

Do you want to have to pay attention to every email you send, or receive, to make sure there are no large attachments?

  • Streaming video websites, social networking media/websites

Isn’t this where the internet is headed, and one of the current benefits of the internet?

  • Multiple users on the same network

I guess Shaw wants us to start having smaller families.

  • Computer hackers
  • Compromised wireless network — is someone else using your Wi-Fi network?

Again, do you want to financially punished if either of these things happen to you?

What can you do?