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Wired is reporting that several hundred thousand people may be affected on Monday when the FBI turns off the domains used in the DNSChanger malware. Over 1/2 million machines were infected at the peak, which instead of pointing you to the website (URL) you wanted to go, it would first quietly redirect you through an affiliate website, netting the culprits ~$14M with their clickjacking scheme! While the FBI has been trying to get people to clean their systems unsuccessfully, they have announced they will turn off all of the DNSChanger servers on Monday, which means if you’re infected, the web will appear completely broken to you immediately when that happens.
If you know what your internet protocol (IP) address it, you can enter it on the FBI’s website and it will tell you if your computer is vulnerable. If you don’t know your IP, you can go to any of the other sites listed on the FBI webpage, such as the Computer Incident Response Centre in Luxembourg. which will auto-detect your IP for you and let know if further action is required.

If it shows that your computer (IP) is not vulnerable, the changes on Monday will not affect you.