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The short, but intense solution for Meltdown and Spectre from CERT is to upgrade your CPU. (update: As you can see by this URL, they have a more detailed solution now)


Your operating system provider will be sending out a patch shortly. Install it as soon as you can.

Download the latest firefox as they’ve started patching version 57. or if you’re using a Chrome based browser like Iridium or Chromium:type this in your URL: chrome://flags/#enable-site-per-process and click “enable” on “Strict site isolation.”
Also, in your browser, make sure you’re using Adblock Plus or Ublock Origin, and EFF’s Privacy Badger. The important thing to remember with these plugins, is you should not allow JavaScript on any untrusted website. Say for example Facebook and Google/Gmail (I don’t endorse either, and both have alternatives that are more privacy friendly if you click the links) but you should never allow JavaScript from a random website like this one, or your local news outlet. People can do malicious things with your computer such as getting your passwords, if you have JavaScript (or Flash, heaven forbid you still have it) enabled.


Finally, make sure you have antivirus software installed and running (even if you’re running a mac/osx!) and follow these instructions from your vendor.

If you’re an employer, especially one of our small/medium business clients whom can’t automate this, please send this out to all of your staff and contractors, and ask them to send you an email when they’ve completed this process. Keep a spreadsheet until everyone has done this.