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If you’re wondering what the top 3 steps to protect your computing device, this post is for you. It’s important to note I said device and not computer, as the same should apply to any device with a browser, including a smart phone like an iphone or android.

1) Update all of your software when alerted an update is available.

When an attacker figures out how to exploit any version of any of your installed software, it’s a race between the attacker, and the patch or update fixing this vulnerability. If you’re still not patched, that means any attacker to come across this exploit can easily attack you.

2) Enable script blocking in your browsers.

Most web based attacks still seem to be through malicious websites using javascript or flash. You should not have this turned on by default, but only on websites that you trust.

3) Install and use anti-virus properly.

Many people have some version of anti-virus installed on their computers, but remember this also includes macosx users, and more importantly it requires you use the antivirus software properly, which very few seem to do.

These steps should apply to all of the devices in your workplace, as well as you personally.