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If you’ve ever wondered, “What information can my organization collect from a person according to British Columbia’s Personal Information and Protection Act privacy law?” don’t miss the second event in the Lunch and Learn series, May 22. I’ll be hosting a free online video conferencing event to talk about PIPA’s consent section, and we’ll finish with a Q&A.

The presentation will be an estimated 20 minutes, with at least 10 minutes available to answer any questions you have on B.C’s consent requirements. Feel free to join, and drop off the call at your convenience.

A few of the questions I’ve been asked already:

  • Can I collect email addresses from business cards to add to an email list?
  • Do I need the person’s consent to subscribe them to my newsletter?
  • Is verbal consent the same as written consent as digital/online consent?

If you’re interested in joining us, sign up here. If you have any questions in advance about consent and BC PIPA, let me know and I’ll add them to the above list.

You can find out if BC PIPA applies to you by reviewing the slides from the last presentation.

I’m also looking for future topic ideas, so let me know if you have any!